Thursday, March 21, 2013

3D Character WIP

Work in progress of a character for a secret personal project. I finished modeling the base mesh today. All in Maya. Might go into zbrush to add muscle definition or just handpaint it.

The masks weren't from the original design, but I had fun playing with them!

The 2nd and 3rd pics are just playing with some dramatic poses using an autorig. The skinning hasn't been fixed yet so there are weird deformations, but it's still inspiring for some concept designs and stuff! Like I can just picture an epic cave and god rays coming from a crack in the ceiling from the last pic. :D

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Friday, March 01, 2013

Western Character Design Sketches

I finished these designs last weekend for my character design/ story-boarding class. These designs are going to be used for a storyboard sequence. I'm busy with 3D work, so the designs are pretty rough, but I learned a lot during this assignment. I think it's the first character design I didn't half-ass because I had to design each character with story in mind.

So the lesson learned is that it is pointless to draw and design if there is no story! Better put more effort into the idea before putting pencil on paper...less trolling and more legit stuff.

Costume Life Drawing @ Sheridan Reading Week

I went to life drawing 4 days in a row this week (which is now a huge deal for me!) Wednesday I did my first costume extra life drawing. It was a lot of fun since I can draw the figure better, so it's just a matter of adding clothes on top. Faces and stuff are still messed up and my drapery is too complicated, but these are 3-5 minutes, so it's always intense.

I have to thank my buddies for challenging me to go to life drawing cause if it weren't for them I would slack off and miss this opportunity.