Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Subway Terror

I wanted to digi paint this layout so I did.

Still Life Study

I stole the skull from a graveyard, but don't worry. I returned it after I finished my study.

Video Game Study

It's interesting to study video games because you can choose the composition and gets a sense of the scene from different angles.

The downside is the crazy perspective from the virtual camera and the lighting conditions are not realistic in most cases. I still think it's good practice. The next step is probably to take multiple screenshots of the environment then draw it in a new composition or take an existing composition and draw my own design in its place.

Of course all for practice.

This is from Batman Arkham City:

This is from the Divinity II demo:

Early 3D Stuff

Early attempts at learning 3D. Maya, UDK, Blender, Mudbox and Photoshop used.

Landscape Study

Landscape stuuuudddy

Film Studies

Movie studies.
None of the work in this post is owned by be. Recreated for educational purposes.

Sketch Dump

Originally I was only going to post my best work here. However I decided to make this my student blog and I will have a professional blog later. This gives me the opportunity to spam more studies and sketches.

By exposing my lack of talent to the internet, it will push me to work harder at improving.

Saturday, February 11, 2012




I am doing more architectural and landscape drawings because I want to become an environment artist. This is a sketch for layout class and the thumbnails that came before it. I like some of the thumbnails as well so I may turn them into more finished drawings or paintings later.