Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Zbrush Head

Tried doing a likeness study of Cassie. I'm not a fan of her music, but I love her hair! Too bad I couldn't sculpt it. Some day... Until then I just painted it in Photoshop!

Bike Study

I enjoy painting motorcycles.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Western Town

We had a massive western themed layout assignment this semester, but the course wasn't structured very well, so I sacrified the class to study more of my own stuff. It's a shame because viz dev and layout are my favorite parts of 2D animation. The only decent thing I did was design the city. I did learn a lot of valuable lessons from this assignment, so it wasn't a complete failure, but I hope this situation won't repeat itself in the future. Quality > quantity and as a student I'm still learning. Gotta prioritize!

Learning Zbrush

This semester I studied Zbrush a lot on my own. Focused on characters and creatures because it's easier to learn the sculpting tools this way. These models look like plastic toys, but they're better than my first attempts, haha. At least they look like something! I did a pretty intense character model too, but it's NDA so I can't show it unfortunately.

I've been experimenting with different methods like dynamesh, zpsheres, Maya base meshes, etc and it's hard to say which is better, but it's all a lot of fun! Hopefully I can tutor for modeling next year.

3D Village

While this environment is extremely simple and primitive, I learned a lot about UVing and creating tillable textures. While this is rendered in Maya Viewport 2.0, I was able to import the models in UDK. The next challenge is a study of realistic materials and vertex painting. Environment art is so much fun, but a lot of work and planning!

Michelangelo Study

This is a study of the sculpture Pieta by Michelangelo + the WIP. I got inspired when I saw a 3D artist do Michelangelo studies in both Photoshop and Zbrush.

Finished Character + Designs

I finished this model weeks ago, but I'm doing a massive art dump today, so thought I would show the final and the thumbnail designs/ turn around sheet. The character is part of a collab project I will reveal later when some more progress is made. It's pretty exciting because this was my first real collab project and I learned a lot about storytelling, design, 3D, taking on leadership/ mentoring role and a bunch of other stuff. It didn't go as smoothly as it could have since school is intense, but I'm proud what we created so far and I'm excited to work on some new stuff in the summer.

I did the initial designs shown here, but my friend made the final design which I drew as an ortho and modeled 100% in maya by myself with texturing handpainted in Zbrush/Photoshop.