Sunday, June 16, 2013


Just a new environment painting inspired by sketching adventures.

Studies, 2 Approaches

The topic for week 7 of my study group was portraits. I tried 2 painting techniques. The first is a very tight rendering style, gets clean results at the expense of time. The second is really fast because I used no sketch, but I think it would be more difficult for me to pull this off without reference.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Plein Air Forest Studies

On a humid Friday I went plein air painting with Christine and my good friend Khoebe. It's nice to get off the computer, sketch outside and explore nature, had a lot of fun!

Various Character Designs

I did a pinup themed weekly with my animation buddies and during the week I also wanted to experiment with some fantasy, scifi and tattoo design. These are just the experiments.

Biker Theme

Some prep work for a personal project I'm working on. Just first pass on designs.

More ROM Studies

Went to the ROM with a bunch of animation peeps again and we tore up the armory with our drawing skills. When these fourth graders came around for their tour, they were so awestruck by our artistic penmanship, their tour guide was forced to take them back to ground level.