Sunday, January 06, 2013

Revolver - Texturing

This is my first time going in-depth texturing hard surfaced objects. On my previous models I sorta cheated by not making proper high/low poly models for the normal maps and polypainting the diffuse map. But this time I did all the steps (that I know of). It took a long time because I encountered a lot of problems, mostly from some mistakes in the modeling stage. I fixed them the best I could and finally I got the gun into UDK without any artifacts! The texturing itself could still use a lot of work (not even finished), but this model served it's purpose teaching me the workflow/ solving common issues so I think it's better to move on (plus I can re-texture whenever I want anyway).

If your computer can support it, here's the model in 3D (uploaded to

Diffuse + Spec + Normal Maps + model in Maya Viewport 2.0:


Working in UDK:

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